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We welcome your tax deductible cash donations that will be used as needed to support PCSO see "Get Involved".  Your help with a donation of any amount will help support the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.  

Recent Contribution Activity


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Remember the Fallen Monument
It is vital to remember the sacrifices it takes to make a community safe and to remember our fallen. The nine peace officers that sacrificed everything for their community of Placer County deserve this remembrance. The ones they left behind deserve it more. A place where their names are on a memorial that our community can look upon and respect, remember, and honor those sacrifices.


KCRA Sacramento Video clip aired April 25, 2022

Detective Mike Davis

Reserve Deputy Timothy A. Ruggles

Deputy James E. Machado

Deputy Arden Webster

Deputy Richard Alfred Sheppard

Deputy Charles Carter

Sheriff William Elam

Deputy Frank H. Dependener

Deputy George W. Martin


Modernized EOD vehicle - The Placer County Sheriff’s Office Explosive Ordinance Detail (EOD) responds to an average of 25 call-outs per year and frequently assists neighboring agencies on EOD mutual aid requests.  Currently, our EOD team cannot respond to east slope incidents during inclement weather and is the last one of its kind in the region.  The EOD equipment has become more diverse and heavier, with additional equipment requiring an increasingly high payload of EOD response vehicles.  

Other agencies in the region have upgraded their vehicle, chassis, and equipment box. 

EOD Truck part 2.jpg
EOD Truck.jpg

2020 - 2021

Plate Carriers and Rifle Rated Armor - Truth 855 – Angel Armor - Two piece ceramic rifle plates will be used by the Field Operations Deputies and Sergeants when responding to high risk events across the County.  The modular Plate System has dual strike faces, is ultra-lightweight with multi-hit capability which allows wearing of the armor all day long when faced with the possibility of a threat level greater than the normal vest would protect against by simply snapping in the second piece to be up and running in seconds.

Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 10.42.21 AM.png



Unmanned Aircraft System UAS (Drones) - Drone systems purchased and training to get pilots FAA certified. Drones Purchased: One DJI Matrice 210, One Parrot Anfi, Nine DJI Matic 2 Enterprise Duals, One DJI Air 2 with more coming as well as additional support equipment such as a Command Vehicle to be purchased for the UAS Program.  The above video only partially demonstrates the capabilities of the drones with respect to clarity and range of the optics.


1959 Ford Fairlaine 500 - Above images from left to right represent a 1959 Ford Fairlaine 500 that was located on eBay and donated by the Council in 2019.  A photo of the then Sheriff in 1960 at the Squaw Valley Winter Olympics. The resulting efforts of Fleet Services at PCSO and Sheriff Bell recreating the historic photo! Used for parades and other community outreach activities.

Shields for  SROs - Purchase of hand held ballistic shields used to protect School Resource Officers from an armed subject at a school or for building search, hostage rescue or a high risk traffic stop.


Rifles for Patrol Deputies - Daniel Defense, 223 Caliber, allows Deputies to engage from a further distance, equipped with EO tech sites.


Placer Sheriff Honor Guard18-008.jpg
Placer Sheriff Honor Guard18-001.jpg
Placer Sheriff Honor Guard18-004.jpg

Rifles for Honor Guard - Henry Rifle, Lever Action, 45-70 Caliber with Stocks engraved with our Honor Guard logo. Used for ceremonial purposes, such as funerals, or escorting the national flag.  These Rifles also made our Honor Guard the first in the State to use Lever Action Rifles. 


Tasers - The Council effectively launched the less lethal taser platform for Patrol Deputies by purchasing tasers which are a less lethal neuro muscular inhibitor device.


Shields for Patrol Deputies - Hand held ballistic shields used to protect Deputies from an armed subject, or for a building search, hostage rescue, or a high risk traffic stop.


Pepper Ball Launchers - Helped launch our first less lethal Pepper ball Launchers.

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